Keep It Short

       When they invented instant coffee they had no idea that it would eventually lead to instant messaging, twittering and texting. We are all about instant gratification, we want it now and we want it fast, and OMG don’t worry about the spelling. Shorter, faster, better is the mantra of the twenty-first century. I support  the simplification of English spelling, all those silent letters and apostrophes, who needs them? I also like  the quick read idea. I have read Dickens and wordier books, but who has time for them today when we can read a quick blog or a postcard story. There are even websites dedicated to short writing, one is . They compiled the Six-Word Memoirs, by writers famous and obscure. It’s a fun read and I have used it in my memoir writing class to get students to write their own  memoirs. Another one is . They recently had a call out asking “What can you write in 6 sentences?” I sent my six sentences and they included it in their latest published book, 6S,Word of Mouth! Then they invited everyone to come to the White Horse Tavern in New York City for a meet and greet. Apparently this is where Thomas Dylan drank. It is the only remaining Greenwich Village writer’s bar which dates back to the 1880’s. It all sounds great, but I live in BC, a six-hour flight away, so I’ve had to deep six the invitation and search for a local writer’s bar.


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