Memory Issues

       As we age our memory tends to fail us now and then, we are not as quick to remember things, but that is a normal part of aging. When the memory loss is significant then it becomes a concern which needs to be looked at for possible neurological disorders, one of which is Alzheimer’s disease.

      There are things you can do to improve your memory as you age. Much has been said on this topic lately due to our aging population. So often we have heard of people who retire and don’t know what to do with themselves. The people who fare better after retirement are those who have a reason to get up in the morning. Many people develop their hobby into a full-time activity and others volunteer their services in an area of interest. The key is to keep active by being involved with people. Keeping up social connections helps to keep the mind active. Learning  new skills is another way to keep the brain sharp;  joining a club, playing bridge, pursuing an interest in music, gardening or whatever brings learning and enjoyment together.

       However if you are concerned about your memory then I urge you to seek out medical advice. You may not have anything to worry about, but on the other hand if it is a form of dementia then you are doing yourself a favor by having an early diagnosis. There are several new medications which are effective, but only if the diagnosis is made early.


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