Family Photos

         When my parents passed on my sister and I ended up with a box of photos. Our mother didn’t do albums; organizing was not her forte. So we were left to sort through them. Most of the photos were of us growing up and our children and other family members, but there was one black and white photo that we had never seen before. It was of a happy looking family with three children standing in front of their house, circa 1940’s according to the clothing. We had no idea who they were, so we asked the only person still connected to that time, our mother’s sister.  I sent the photo to Aunt Emma who identified them as the “M” family, their summer neighbours from the Black Sea.

      Apparently many German families had summer homes on the Black Sea. There they spent may idyllic days with the “M” family as both families had three children of the same age. The youngest son Otto was Aunt Emma’s age and she told me that those wonderful days ended in 1940 with the war. She had not seen or heard from the family since then. I told my aunt that I didn’t know what to do with the picture, but wouldn’t it be great if I could return it to the family. Without hesitation she said, “I’m going to find them!”

      I asked how she planned to accomplish that, and she suggested placing the photo in the German-Canadian newspaper which is distributed throughout the western provinces. I suggested that she send the photo to Germany and place it in a paper there, but she had other ideas. I had my doubts about her strategy, but left it in her hands.

To be continued.


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