View from the Hill

      Around here hiking is a popular pastime. Many people take to the hills using walking poles or walking their dogs. Some hike for fitness and others do it for the fresh air or to commune with nature. My friend Anna walks her dog regularly around the neighbourhood and they know all the trails, short cuts and pathways which run from one street to the next.  Anna was telling me of one hidden trail leading up the hill to the next street and the unbelievable view. Soon this became a favorite trail, but one day she noticed some people on the patio where she had never seen anyone home before.  Anna was well hidden behind the trees and bushes, but the occupants on the patio were in full view.  She couldn’t help but  notice the couple was completely nude, drinking beer in the buff! Not exactly the kind of ‘nature’ she  expected to find on  a hike. It was a sizzling scene since it became evident that they were barbecuing.  So on that day the trail had an even more unbelievable view, if you include the hot dog and the buns.

How is the view from your vantage point?


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