First Post

So now I’m going to become a blogger just like all the other writers who attended the Surrey International Writers Conference in October and all the writers who watched  the  Julie and Julia movie. However that is not my reason for starting a blog. I am teaching a Memoir class and thought this would be a good place to share some of my tips on how to write a memoir. I have mapped out the memoir I am writing and each time I read another book on the topic I seem to make  another change. This is a process which takes a number of different roads to get to the finished product.  Just as there are many reasons to write a memoir, there are also many ways of putting a memoir together.

Here is a list of books on memoirs that I have found helpful:

  • Inventing the Truth, The Art and Craft of Memoir, edited by William Zinsser
  • The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard
  • Shimmering Images, by Lisa Dale Norton

9 responses to “First Post

  1. Sylvia, All the best with your blog. What a timely and useful topic, dementia. I’ll come back and read more about it.

  2. Congrats on your new blog! Looking forward to ‘following’ you! Janet

  3. Eleanor Hancock

    This is going to be good, Sylvia!

  4. Sylvia, I’m so impressed. What a great idea to write a blog, and how 21st century of you! Being such a techno-peasant, it took all of my resources just to figure out how to post a comment! Like all your other ‘old’ friends, I’m very proud of you, not only for your commitment to your writing, but for your resourcefulness in finding ways to have it published. Good luck with it!

  5. wow… this is great! You do all the work and I can share our memories . Now I just hope I’ll remember the funny times with Mom ,I can hear her brag now that her daughter is an author…..

  6. This is very impressive and of interest to so many,
    Sylvia. I am looking forward to following you as I have been wanting to write my memoir for quite some time. You are such an inspiration!
    All the best!

  7. Sylvia, that is awesome! You are the only person that I know that has a blog. Way to go!
    Much success with your work and being published.

  8. Good for you, Sylvia. That’s the way to get more exposure….we all need to be ready to use the internet more…like the upcoming generations do. Your memoir focusing on dementia will be so timely. It has a prominent position in all media press now.

  9. Patricia Donahue

    Wow Sylvia!
    I’m so impressed with your forging ahead in your writing career. It’s been only a short year ago that you were in my class at UBC-O, honing your skills. Now you’re officially launched in techno-world and bravely building a solid author’s identity. All the very best to you in publishing!!

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